Memorial Day • May 26~27, 2018 • Decatur, Alabama

Event Rules

Balloons Aloft

Patrons of the Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic are asked to be mindful of others and to obey the following rules and guidelines:

  • There is no smoking on the launch field. Balloons use liquid propane as fuel, which is highly flammable.
  • Dogs and pets are welcome but discouraged; they can be spooked by the balloon burners. If you do bring a pet, they must be leashed and bagged after.
  • Lawn chairs, camp chairs and small picnic items are allowed; however please keep your setup at the edges of the launch field.
  • No tailgating tents, 'pop tents', or full size tents are allowed on the field. Small umbrellas and shading devices are acceptable.
  • No unautorized vehicles are allowed on the field INCLUDING golf-carts from the point mallard campgrounds and golf course.
  • You must move your items if requested by a Pilot or Alabama Jubilee Staff or Committee members for balloon safety and setup.
  • Please be mindful of balloons and chase vehicles while on the field. Walk at the edges if possible.
  • Patrons are required to comply with all Balloon Pilot and Alabama Jubilee event staff requests in regards to balloon operations and safety.
  • Keep clear and do not walk over any tether lines or tie-offs. These are dangerous and can move and shift at a moments notice.
  • Please do not touch or walk over the balloons while on the field unless you are directed to by the pilot.
  • Tethered rides require a signed waiver of lability. Children 19 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • You are allowed to bring food and beverages into the park; however please dispose of all trash in a trash can. Cans are located throughout the park and launch field for your use.
  • The Alabama Jubilee is a 'No Drone Zone'. Unless you have a waiver attached to ours from the FAA you may NOT operate a drone during the Alabama Jubileee's FAA-autorized waiver times.